Results for the Open Show January 2010

Best in Show, Ash's Hillcloud Drizzle (WHWT)

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Coley's Jusouth Just Florence At Kingsview (Scottish)


Tovey's Trakside Flying Scotsman At Charmic (Scottish)

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Thomson's Ashgate Miss Mona (WHWT)


Corri's Ch Inverglen Celtic Raider (WHWT)

Best in Show Judge - Mr Robert Hill (Olton)

WHWT Judge - Mr Thomas West (Tomlyndon)

Best Dog & BOS - Ch Inverglen Celtic Raider
RBD - Lindenka Bennington JW
Best Bitch & BOB - Hillcloud Drizzle
RBB - Krisma Dot To Dot
BP - Ashgate Miss Mona
BV - Ch Inverglen Celtic Raider

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Noyce's Maxula The Game Plan 2nd Carlin & Gillott's Lizandycris Out To Play
Puppy Dog
1st Carlin & Gillott's Lizandycris Gamely Chap 2nd Noyce's Maxula The Game Plan
Post Graduate Dog
1st Milner's Juanne The Latch Key Kid 2nd Fletcher-King's Kellbany White Wizard At Leyhey 3rd Stock's Lindenka Baxter
Limit Dog
1st Squire's Kimgarwyn Outlaw 2nd Corri's Inverglen Banjo 3rd Davidson's Antonia Apple Pie At Braxquin
Open Dog
1st Purchon's Lindenka Bennington JW *RBD* 2nd Foster's Thozow Good Etiquette
Veteran D/B
1st Corri's CH Inverglen Celtic Raider
2nd Milner's Joanne Gin N'Ice

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Thomson's Ashgate Miss Mona
Junior Bitch
1st Ash's Hillcloud Drizzle
2nd Corri's Inverglen Sophie 3rd Foster's Thozow Sweet Pea
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Hayton's Pedrohay Silver Rosebud 2nd Hunt's Kellethrigg Snowflake Lass
Limit Bitch
1st Britten's Krisma Dot To Dot
2nd Soar's Sonjay White Fusion 3rd Purchon's Lindenka Clancy
Open Bitch
1st Lancaster's Clanestar Careless Affair JW 2nd Morton's Charosmack Crystal Secret At Swifdon

Scottish Terriers (& BIS) Judge - Mr Robert Hill (Olton)

Best Dog & BPIS - Trakside Flyingscotsman At Charmic
RBD - Sweetgarret My Wee Geordie
Best Bitch, BOB & RBIS - Jusouth Just Florence At Kingsview
RBB - Sweetgarret Girl Nellie With Liroda

Minor Puppy Dog
Tovey's Trakside Flyingscotsman At Charmic
Post Graduate Dog
1st Hardy's Magandthan Waiting For You
Limit Dog
1st Lawrence's My Wee Geordie
2nd Minshall's Cairnsden Black Jack 3rd Clement's Tamzin Wilderman Of Demontfort
Open Dog
1st Clement's Tamzin Wilderman Of Demontfort 2nd Hopcutt's Highland Dancer At Celticbridge

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Lawrence's Trakside Chocolate Box Of Sweetgarret
Puppy Bitch
1st Baker's Glenheath Grazia
2nd Hardy's Trakside Springtime Of Magandthan 3rd Milburn-Gates' Liroda Earth Angel
Post Graduate Bitch
1st Milburn-Gates' Sweetgarret Girl Nellie With Liroda
2nd Morris' Scotchmore Going Dutch 3rd Lawrence's Turnaware Tarri Of Sweetgarret
Open Bitch
1st Coley's Jusouth Just Florence At Kingsview