Critique for Stakes + BIS

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for my invitation to judge at the Clubss 25th Anniversary show. It was an honour to judge here at such a well run and friendly club. Congratulations to all concerned for a terrific effort and such a warm welcome.

Best in Show

Owen’s Egremont seventh Heaven. WHWT. No surprises of my fondness for this young lady having awarded her a Res CC this year already. At that time she was a puppy and she is maturing nicely into a top quality exhibit. Prettiest of heads with a wicked expression, dark eye, lovely mouth and large teeth. Correct length of neck into good shoulders. Short level back, short body & tail on top. Strong hindquarters which really came into play on the move. Shown in good coat & condition. BIS Congratulations.

Reserve Best in Show

Beckton’s Glengracie Formula One. Scottish Terrier Very showy and attractive wheaten male who never stopped showing and looked terrific standing and on the move. Great head and strong jaw with good scissor bite and large teeth. Strong neck, deep body, strong forelegs, excellent bone and substance. Strong hindquarters and excellent tail set. Again shown in terrific coat and condition.

Best Puppy in Show

Kirk’s Millingford Royal Ermine. Scottish Terrier. Very smart & confident youngster who showed herself to advantage at all times. Beautiful head, dark eye and excellent mouth. Good neck, shoulders and excellent front. In terrific coat & presented to perfection. Showed so well on the move presenting a lovely outline. Just pipped the westie here as I thought she was a touch more mature & settled on the move.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Gale’s Bocan Bolt to Bellevue. WHWT This young man surprised me on going over him. There is alot like about him and with maturity I am sure he will have a bright future. Excellent head, dark eye, neat ears and good mouth. Nice neck & shoulder. Short backed & short coupled, strong hindquarters tail well set. Moved and showed well. To be critical I would like him with more coat to finish the picture.

Best Veteran in Show

Mc Loughin’s Ley hey Living Legend SHCM.WHWT. This young man was shown in great coat and condition. He showed his socks off and thoroughly enjoyed his day. Good head and eye, strong muzzle, good bite excellent pigmentation. Nice neck and front, strong body with good hindquarters. Moved very well both ways. Congratulations.

Reserve Best Veteran In Show

Hill’s Bonnieanne Norman of Tahgmor. Scottish Terrier. Strongly made dog of almost 8 years. Ok in head, dark eye and good ears. Nice neck, strong body. Showed ok but not with the enthusiasm of the westie.

Stan Green Memorial Stakes (8)

1st Beckton’s Glengracie Formula One. My reserve BIS winning Scottie.

2nd Davidson’s Lynnsto That’ll Do Nicely At Braxquin. WHWT. Smart young lady who is maturing nicely. Good head and ears, dark eyes. Good mouth, nice neck and shoulders. Level topline with well set tail. In good coat and condition showed well.

3rd Kirk’s Whitwitch Twigglet. Scottish terrier.

Judge - Tracy Gaydon (Gilbri)

Critique for WHWT

A huge thank you to the Officers, Committee, Exhibitors and Steward for the invitation to the Club’s 25th Anniversary Show, it was a privilege to judge here.

West Highland White Terriers

MPD 6 (2)

1st West's Tomlyndon Eager Ernest. 7 months old, Good head, nice straight front, good shoulder, good coat & nice tail set moved well To & fro.

2nd Ash's Hillcloud Jupiter. Different type to 1 promising Pup. Nice head, good eye with a nice neck flowing into good lay back of shoulder well balanced dog that moved & showed well. Just lost out to 1 on quality of coat.

PD 4(3)

1st Gale's Bocans Bolt To Bellevue. 11month old Good head, neat ears, dark eye & excellent mouth with a nice neck & shoulder, short back & good tail set, stood alone, moved with drive & reach. BPIB, also later became RBPIS.

JD (2)

1st Coley's Kingsview Warwick. 13 months old, good head & eye, reach of neck into level back, correct coat moved well with reach & drive. Just upset in challenge by flooring which cost him.

2nd Bartley's Davot Chief Whip. Nice masculine head, coby dog with level topline, good pigment, crisp harsh jacket, showed well.

PGD 2(1)

1st Mcloughlin's Ley Hey Latest Legend. Good head, level topline, with a nice tail set & bend of stifle. Stood alone moved ok.

LD 5(1)

1st Thompson's Ashgate Apollo. Good head & expression with a good bite. Nice neck flowing into good shoulders with a level top line& a strong rear quarters. Moved with reach & drive. Pushed hard in the dog challenge. RBD.

2nd West's Tomlyndon Power Of Love. Nice head, correct bite & with good reach of neck flowing into good shoulders & sort back with level topline, moved well.

OD 3(1)

1st Noyce's Maxula Name Of The Game. Nice head with a good expression with a nice dark eye, good mouth to match, and good lay back of shoulder nice short level topline & good tail set. BD. BOS.

2nd Storey's Nossimp Written In The Stars. Another dog with a great expression similar to 1 moved & showed well. Pushed 1 hard to win class.

V D/B 3(1)

1st Mcloughlin's Ley Hey Living legend ShCm. 9 yr old dog.Ok head, good front, harsh coat moved well. Enjoyed his day BV. Pleased to see him go BVIS later in the day.

2nd Windram's Cassara Princess. 9 yr bitch with ok head & front, short bodied, good coat moved ok.

MPB 2(1)

Bartley's Atelib Moon Aura.6mths a youngster with a nice head flowing into good shoulders. Level topline.Jacket coming through showed well.BPB.

PB 3(3)

JB 4(1)

1st Owen's Egremont Seventh Heaven. This was my toughest class of the day, 17mths old, great head good dark eye & a wicked expression, big teeth, nice length of neck & a level topline, short coupled. Well set tail set looked great when stacked& didn’t disappoint when moving. BOB. Pleased to see her go all the way to BIS.

2nd Coley's Karamynd So What At Kingsview. Just out of puppy, Different type to 1 Good head, correct bite & dark eye. Pleasing neck flowing into shoulder, good double coated jacket, stood lovely freestanding & showed well only losing out on maturity. RBB. RBIB.

PGB 7(5)

1st Storey's Nossimp Only Girl In Command. 3yr old with a good head, neck & shoulder, crisp white jacket, well presented moved ok.

2nd Gale's Bellevue Hot Totty. Slightly taller than 1 ok head, neck flowing into shoulder good level topline moved well.

LB 4(2)

1st Davidson's Lynsnsto That'll Do Nicely At Braxquin. 2 yr old a good head & ear set , good bite, level topline,good tail set, nice harsh white coat, well presented showed well.

2nd Hayton's Pedrohay Silver Magnolia.Correct head with dark eye, neat ears with a good bite, straight front, neck flowing into shoulders, level topline, good coat, moved ok.

OB 1(1)

Judge - Ray Gaydon (Gilbri).